How to get in touch with me !


If you need more informations, rates… or you simply want to tell me that I’m very cool, don’t hesitate to contact me through this page ! 
Btw, I’m French ! 😉
See ya ! 

Mickey – Mythrid Art

Important notice : Through the years, I have lost too much of my time working on projects that were at the opposite of my style, it’s frustrating because I’m not always comfortable with too varied styles of artworks : for example don’t ask me for gore stuff for I simply can’t do it. Please look at my artwork carefully, and if you think I might be your artist of choice for your upcoming artwork, it will be perfect !
The idea is to earn time for everyone, If I’m not able to fulfill your expectations, because I’m not good enough, or only because of lacking inspiration, I allow myself to decline a collaboration.… I’m not pretentious but I just want each artwork as unique and work comfortably and give you my best.