Your humble servant !


Born in the year 1980, geek, versatile, and open-minded big kid !

I developed multiple artistic interests at a very early age, from drawing to customizing clothes for school buddies to finally using and mastering new technologies.
From screaming into Recueil Morbide & Euphony to playing guitars for many bands (Ancestral, Smeti Duchu, Diluvian…), I have also always promoted the french and international underground metal scene, allowing me to create a place for myself as a cd artwork and logo artist for metal bands.

I finally ended up playing live but goes on collaborating with many artists and musicians, as long as my style compliments their music and vice versa.

My digital artwork is a combination of dark, fantasy, sci-fi, pop culture elements with a modern and abstract feel: I also particularly like to be working with textures, in order to bring an organic touch to my creations, as well as creating an intense sense of depth.

Few references :
(Nightmare, Infinite Silence, Inhumate, Kronos, Recueil morbide, Benighted, Exit Strategy, Asylum Pyre, Attraction Theory, Phantom Limb, Resilience, Unbreath, After Life, Antropofago, In Defilade…)

Photography : Studio Photo Pottier
Photoshop : Mickey